November 7, 2011

Tot School: Letter Nn

(Dylan is 41 months)

This week we focused on the Letter Nn, Counting 1-5, Patterns, Sorting by size.

Here he was sorting the Letter Nn into capital and lowercase letters. COAH
 We worked on some counting 1-5. I know he can do this now and we will be moving on to 1-10 shortly!

 We worked on putting a puzzle together. This was his first time doing a big kid puzzle and he did really well with it!

 We worked on AB patterns and he has this down to a pat and we will be adding AAB patterns in next week or so.

 A little more counting!

 And then he got a little creative with his blog and the green blog was the Angry Bird pic and the little alien toy in the background is his bird and he was trying to knock down the tower! I loved how he used him imagination with this!

I am thinking that we are going to start transitioning out of Tot School and into more of a Preschool age activities as he seems to get bored with Tot School lately because he knows how to do everything so quickly. I am ready to start challenging him more.

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  1. Isn't it bittersweet when they are ready to move on? The angry birds is so funny. My son (who is almost three) know about angry birds and says he wants to play but he really has no idea how to. Did you know they have an angry birds game that is similar to your son's activity (much smaller)?


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