June 10, 2011

Summer Theme

Each week this Summer I am planning to do a theme.

Our first theme is of course Summer!

I am just going to list a few of the things we are doing for the week to give ideas for others in case y'all want to follow our ideas!

  • We will be working with our Summer BBQ Tot Kit
  • Lots of outside Water fun- water balloons, pool, horseshoes, basketball. Anything outside
  • We are going to try out Number Dash with sidewalk chalk- write a set of numbers for each child. Just put them randomly all over. Then call numbers and tell them to hop, run, skip, etc.
  • We will be bringing out our Rice Table 
  • And we will be making Rainbow Pudding Pops towards the end of the week

If I add anything else I will make extra posts during the week but our main goal for the Summer is to work in learning but to also have lots of fun!

The following week will be all about Nature!

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