June 16, 2011

How to Teach Series Part #5


Teaching Numbers is mostly about repetition. We count everything in our house, how many steps we walk, how many goldfish we get as a snack, and how many cans of veggies we put away in the pantry. I love working it into our everyday life! Here are some other ways that I have found that my boys loved to do as they learn their numbers.

  • Place a poster up that has the numbers plus that same number of objects like the one below.( I got it at Dollar Tree last August)

  • Play Number Games like below:
  1. Number Dash- Draw Numbers on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk (if you have 2 kids put 2 sets of numbers) be sure they arent in order just place them all over. Call a number and have them jump, hop, skip, run to that number. This is also a great activity for listening to direction.
  2. Number Mats- Place Numbers around the room and have them name the numbers as they stand on them. When we do this sometimes we also play music and when the music stops. They stop on a number and they have to yell it out! # 1- 10 number mats and #11-20 number mats
  3. Hopscotch- Have them throw the rock or bean bag on the square and where it lands they have to name the number.
  • Pom Pom Numbers- This is a great activity from 1+1+1=1. Its great for 1:1 correspondence.  If you don't have pom poms you could use stickers for this.

  • When teaching how to write Numbers I have a great set of Tracing Sheets. They have the dots on them for easy counting that can be worked in with the tracing! # 1- 10 and # 11- 20 Printables.
  • Another Activity we will be using this summer for cooling off but also some learning fun.  I will hide 20 objects in a bowl of water. Then the boys will have to use a hammer on the ice to bust out the objects. As the get the objects out we will count them.
If you have any other fun Number learning activities feel free to leave a link in the comments!


  1. Great ideas! I also made a number counting printable. You can find it here...

  2. We did hidden objects in ice and made it more scientific by trying to find what would melt the ice the best. We tried flour, salt, water (hot and cold), sugar. We had huge mess of fun.


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