May 24, 2011

How to Teach Series Part #4

Gross Motor Skills

Gross Motor Skills are skills that improve the large muscles in the body.

Here are several activities to help with Gross Motor Skills
  • Balancing- Draw a line on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk and have them try to stay on the line. Using a curb will also help or gardening edging would work as well. 
  • Dancing- We like to play dance freeze here. I play music and they dance and when the music goes off we freeze. You can also do things like hokey pokey and songs like that.
  • Obstacle Course- Make an obstacle course where they have to climb over things go under things you can even through in balancing and other fun things!
  • Swimming- Kicking their legs in the pool and using their arms to swim is great for building muscles.
  • Playing Pretend- Waddle like a duck, gallop like a horse, stiff legged robots, soaring like planes. 
  • Riding a Tricycle, scooter, ride on toys
  • Throwing and catching a ball
  • Playing tag, follow the leader, red light green light, simon says, duck duck goose.
  • Swinging, sliding, running, climbing, and jumping.

These are all really good for Gross Motor Skills!
If you can think of anymore leave a comment to share with everyone!

Next Tuesday we will go through how to teach Numbers.

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