April 20, 2011

Homemade Easter Bunny Ears Craft

Since Easter is just around the corner I figured I need to get a few crafts together this week just for fun. So today we made Easter Bunny Ears! 

We started with 2 strips of white paper for the strap around the head. We had 2 bunny ears and 2 pink insides of the bunny ear. The boys glue their ears together and then as they dried they colored there straps.

 Then when they finished coloring we stapled the ears to the straps.

Then measure your child's head so it fits and staple it closed.

And here is Austins finished bunny ears! Dylan is not into posing anymore for the camera so that is why he is not in the picture.

I will be back *hopefully* tomorrow with another craft that we started today but have to wait till tomorrow for it to dry!
Reason I say hopefully is I am having internet connection issues and that's another reason I haven't posted much it takes forever to upload pics right now. So hopefully in the next week or so I will have better internet!

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