January 9, 2011

Tot School (1/3-1/7)

(Dylan is 32 months)

This week and since the new year started I decided to try something new with Dylan's school time. As I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with Austin and Dylan in the school room doing 2 totally different things. So Dylan does school right after nap time and then when he is done Austin does school. It is working really well and they are getting a lot of 1 on 1 time then. I actually feel like Dylan got a full week of school in.

He had 5 to 6 activities on his shelf each day. He was able to choose from them as he wanted during our school time.

We pulled out our new Color and Texture puzzles out and he did them all!

 He worked on gluing some pictures i printed and cut out for him to paper. He really enjoyed having free reign of the glue.

I put together a clothespin color game for him. He had a hard time with this so we only did it once this week as he got very frustrated. I will pull it out once a week for him to keep practicing with. He had the idea of the matching colors but the pushing the clothespin to clip it to the card was too difficult.

He did a snowflake matching activity from 1+1+1=1 Winter Fun

He played with our new Magneatos.

 He did our new Button Art activity that I got on Amazon. I really liked this as we worked on saying the colors and then counting how many of each color we needed to do the activity.

He did a color matching mitten activity from PreKinders. Hes really liking these type of activities and does them several times a day.

He did a snowman size sort. We started sorting from biggest to smallest. Then smallest to biggest.

He enjoyed this fun activity of dressing the snowman. I put magnets on the back of the pieces so they would stay on the cookie sheet.

He was putting the Snowman's hat from our dress up activity on his head.

 He did some sticker practice.

We read "The Mitten" by Jan Brett on We Give Books (you read books and everyone you read they donate books to  different book campaigns that they have)

We did a mitten activity that went with the book above. He colored the animals and then we stapled the mittens together and placed the animals inside the mitten. You can get the activity HERE

Check out what others did for Tot School this week at 1+1+1=1


  1. Great week!! We are doing a winter theme. Thanks for the links to some great activities.

  2. We have a lot of those snowman activities from last year that we'll be doing again. LOL We also have the magneatos, button art, and puzzles. She loves the first two but has always refused to do the puzzles. We've had them for a year and she's never done them. LOL

  3. Thanks for the we read books campaign. My girl loves to read and we don't have an English Library in Spain, so this is just perfect. Thanks!!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I recently found your blog and just love it!

    Did you have trouble with "The Mitten" book being too small on your computer? The site is so neat, but the text is too small for me to read it.

  5. Julie I did have an issue with the book being small. Try clicking on it next time and see if it'll let you zoom in some so that you can see the words. Some of the books have bigger text on that site and are easier to read. Hope this helps.

  6. The dressing the snowman activity is very cute. Thanks for including a link to it! Kerri

  7. Thanks for the links to all the great toys and activities! I actually looked at that color texture puzzle before but had no idea from the picture that the pieces were so large! I think I need to get that one for sure!


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