January 25, 2011

Our School Week 1/17-1/21

Ill start with Dylan's week of school. 
 (Dylan is 32 months)
He is really starting to enjoy being able to choose the activity we do from the 6 activities I put out everyday. We focused some on the letter D and colors this week.

 He worked on his Button Art several times this week. He really likes this. We worked on naming the colors each time he put a button on the picture. 
He had a new coloring activity from him Kumon workbook.

He did a Do A Dot worksheet for the Letter D from COAH
 Then he did a Do A Dot Dog picture

We worked on sticker activities from his new Kumon workbook.

He did a Dinosaur size sort from COAH
 We worked on identifying shapes. I would name one and he'd have to find it. Then when he had them all out Id call one and he'd put it back in the puzzle.
 He worked on sorting colors and counting as he placed the bears in the buckets.
 We did a graphing game from 2 Teaching Mommies
 He sorted the Letter D from COAH
 He also colored a Dinosaur from COAH

I linked up Dylans school at


For Austins schooling this week we finally got back into our RRSP curriculum. Letter D was the letter of the week. As well as number 16 and the sight word all.
We reviewed our key cards everyday  from RRSP
He did a Do A Dot Letter D from COAH
He did a Do A Dot dinosaur from his workbook from Christmas.
He colored our weeks memory verse from RRSP.
He did his Getting Started for D worksheet from RRSP
We worked on our vocabulary words for the week from RRSP
He colored a Letter Dd tracing sheet from COAH
Here he was practicing his Letter D's from RRSP
And we had a short discussion as we did our Bible craft this week about how not to complain when asked to do something and the proper responses. He even hung it up on the fridge for an easy reminder. RRSP

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