January 14, 2011

50 States Social Study Unit

I've been working on this Unit for a while now and finally have it together! Starting in February Austin will be doing 50 States in alphabetical order for about 12 weeks (since we do school 4 times a week).  I plan to do one to 2 a day depending on how things go. We will be doing a coloring page each day, our passport, lift the flap in our book for that state of the day, color the state on our map, and locate the state on our big U.S map, and we will also be watching the Power Points from the Members Only Area over at 1+1+1=1(if you arent a member you might want to consider joining) . I have made my own passport and am sharing it with you all plus all the info you will need to do what we are doing!

Passport Pages- click image to download

Once printed  cut the pages out and staple along the left edge.

What you will need for the passport:
The State Flags. License, Birds and Flowers will be glued in the passport per day.

Other things we will be using each day

This is the book we will be using it his a flap with the states info under it as you can see in the pictures. I got this at Dollar Tree.
 This  is the map where he will locate the state each day as well. I bought this at Dollar Tree as well.

Other things you may want to get for fun to go with the Unit

Enjoy and remember to have fun!


  1. Thanks for sharing these resources:) We are doing a lot of geography for our summer learning and these will be a great help!

  2. This is so awesome. Thank you for posting all this stuff I have been looking for a way to teach my son about the states!

  3. Hello! I love this but am wondering why I can't see the cover page and second photo page for the passport in the download? Thanks!!!


  4. This is a fantastic resource -- thanks for sharing it! I will be doing summer camp at home for my son and his love of maps and travel determined the theme. I have coined it "Operation 50 States" and have been searching for activities to go along with it and this is perfect! Can't wait to begin! :-)


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