December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

Here are a few pics from the week before Christmas and of  our Christmas Festivities.

We did one day of school last week and it was focused on Christmas.
Dylan sorted different color Christmas Trees.

 Austin worked on some Counting practice

Austin did a Sugar Cookie shape sorting activity

  Dylan colored the Number 9 worksheet

  We made handprint wreaths

Austin sorted people and animals

Austin colored the Number 8 

 Austin matched candy canes

 Austin worked on Patterns

 We got our new U- Play mat out that we won from 1+1+1=1

 Here is our Nativity Felt Board Set

 Dylan made a Christmas tree

 Austin made a Christmas tree too.

 They made Reindeer Food and then on Christmas Eve we spread it on the front yard.

 Christmas Eve they opened one present which had there Christmas Jammies, An alien stuffed animal I made and a Polar Express ticket which they used for us to take a ride in Daddy's truck to look at Christmas lights, They had hot chocolate on the ride as well!
 There Aliens i made.

 In there Christmas Jammies and with there Polar Express Tickets.

 Dylan on Christmas Eve

 Austin on Christmas Eve showing on his new present! He was so excited!

They put out 2 cookies a cup of milk and there letters to Santa for Santa on Christmas Eve.

 Santa came to our house!

 He filled there stockings with lots of goodies!

 They both got a Dr. Kit.

 Austin got a new racecar game for our Vtech

 Dylan got new color puzzles for school.

 They both loved the set of Felt Food I made them.

 Showing off a couple of presents! They both enjoyed Christmas!

 Austin got a tow truck! He said Santa bought it at Walmart!

 Dylan was putting his magna doodle in his stack of presents he received!

 They both thought it was hilarious to beat on the box that their new musical instruments were in!

 They received Magneatos from my Aunt!

 The boys and Daniel got me a Griddle! Ive been wanting for a while so I can enjoy pancakes at the same time as everyone else and it means more family time then!

The boys and I got Daniel a new jack!

 Then when we finished opening all the presents they dug into there stockings!

  Their favorite thing in their stockings was Jessie from Toy Story! They both got one!

 And I had to show off the yummy breakfast we enjoyed as a family on Christmas Morning!

We had a wonderful day of Family time! Christmas was great!
I will be back this week sometime with a post of what we received from Christmas for our Schooling! 
We are taking the week off of school to reorganize and find space for all our new toys!

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  1. What a wonderful day of school and Christmas!!


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