November 28, 2010

Countdown to Christmas Activities

 (image is linked to download)

The countdown has 24 days worth of activities.
I am using it as a countdown for my boys so that way they have a visual of how many days till Christmas.

The Activities are:
  1. Make an Ornament- Be Creative, use pipe cleaners, paper, Popsicle sticks, glitter anything you have on hand to make a circle type ornament.
  2. Rudolph made with Hands and FeetCLICK HERE
  3. Pipe Cleaner Candy Canes- Twist red and white pipe cleaners together and then curve to make a candy cane.
  4. Cottonball Snowman- Draw a Snowman on construction paper and supply your child with cottonballs and glue. Then glue the cottonballs to the snowman.
  5. Color a Stocking- Draw a Stocking and let your child have paper scraps or crayons/ markers, and glitter to decorate as they like
  6. Shaving Cream Snow Scene- Squirt Shaving cream on table, give child plastic trees and animals to make a scene or let them create with just the shaving cream to make a snow scene
  7. Letter to Santa- Give child paper, crayons, pencils and let them write or color a letter to Santa.
  8. Pretzel Sticks dipped in Chocolate- CLICK HERE 
  9. Paper Angels- CLICK HERE
  10. Paint a Christmas Tree-  Draw a Christmas Tree outline on White Paper, Give your child Green Paint to paint the Christmas tree, then give them paper scraps and glitter to decorate there tree.
  11. Popsicle Stick Reindeer- CLICK HERE
  12. Popsicle Stick Snowflake-  Take 4 Popsicle Sticks and paint them white, then glue to make a star, you can embellish with glitter or buttons to your liking, then wrap a white pipe cleaner around the middle and make a hook with it to make an ornament if youd like.
  13. Paper Candy Cane- Make a white Candy Cane out of paper, Then supply child with red strips of paper and glue, glue the strips on then trim them down. 
  14. Paper Cone Christmas Tree- Take this TEMPLATE. Then trace it on Green Paper and cut out, Have Child Decorate then twist to make a christmas tree.
  15. Christmas Cake PopsCLICK HERE Just use green or red candy melts and use the opposite colors spinkles for added fun!
  16. Handprint Christmas Wreath- CLICK HERE 
  17. Paper Plate Santa- CLICK HERE
  18. Popsicle Stick Picture Frames-  Take 8 Popsicle Sticks and paint them the colors you want. Make a Square with 2 popsicle sticks on each side, Put a Picture in the middle and add a hook for a Christmas Ornament if youd like or give as a gift.
  19. Sugar Cone Christmas Tree- Take a Sugar Cone and let you child paint Green Frosting on it, Then sprinkle some sprinkles on to decorate it.
  20.  Take a Ride and look at Christmas Lights
  21. Watch a Christmas Movie (Were watching Polar Express or How the Grinch Stole Christmas)
  22. Bake Sugar Cookies and Decorate
  23. Make Reindeer Food- Take Dry Oatmeal and Sugar and make a mixture, Then Sprinkle on the front lawn for Santas Reindeers
  24. Read a Christmas Story and Put out Cookies and Milk for Santa
My plan is to post what we do for these each day once December 1st is here and I will provide a link for you to link up what you do as well! Can't wait to see how your kids enjoy this Countdown for Christmas!



  1. Oh, these sure sound fun, especially the shaving cream snow scene! I’m stopping by from No Time For Flash Card’s “Show Us your Best”. I hope you’ll do the same! You can see read my “best” @

    Sofia’s Ideas

  2. great ideas!

    kristen @
    p.s. new follower

  3. What a great list! Thanks for sharing! I too found you through notimeforflashcards and I'm now a follower.


  4. GREAT list! Thanks so much for sharing it!! Kerri

  5. Super Cute!
    We Love and just did #1 (Salt dough Ornaments-recipe's posted on my blog)on Wednesday. And have already tried #3, #7,#8,#20-#24...but can't wait to try the rest :)

    I also found you through notimeforflashcards and I'm now a follower.
    You can follow me at
    I'm just new at this and would love feedback :)

  6. I have just been getting our list of activities together for December. I love your list :)


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