October 10, 2010

Tot School- Letter Z

(Dylan is 29 months)

We made Zebra striped Letters Z's this week. We used electrical tape on a Letter Z that I printed it out. Then I helped him cut it out and he glued it on a piece of construction paper.

He colored our Bible Verse coloring sheet.  

We made Autumn Lanterns with streamers. I will be posting the printable this week if you are interested in making this! 

He is still loving this puzzle! And has started to count the pieces as he puts them in! 

I printed out these animal puzzles from 1+1+1=1 Brown Bear Tot Book. He loved them and played with them for over an hour! 

I printed out this set of Build a Letters from Tired need Sleep's blog  for my oldest son. And Dylan decided he wanted to do them as well! He played with them for quite a while. 

He did his Do a Dot Letter Z from Confessions of a Homeschooler. 

We made a Fall Tree this week out of Construction paper. I cut out the trunk and grass for them and had them glue to their paper. Then we ripped red, yellow and orange paper for our leaves. 
 Once the paper was all torn I put some glue on the paper and let them put the paper on. 

We did 2 layers of the papers to fill in any holes that werent covered.  

He colored a Letter Z is for Zebra coloring sheet that I made up for him. I will be posting it this week with my older sons week of Letter Z. 

He did our Bible Verse Craft that came from the RRSP Letter Z curriculum. 

And we started the Falling Leaves craft by painting a bunch of leaf printouts and the swirl that goes with it. We used plastic forks as our paintbrush this time. And we will finish these this week they were to wet to finish on Friday. 

And I had to share my favorite picture this week. He was being such a ham and asking to have his picture taken. So I took several and just had to share this one! The way I caught his smile just perfectly!

Want to see what others did for Tot School this week?


  1. What a fun week! So many great activities :)

  2. Fun week! We use and love the RRSP curriculum as well :)


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