October 12, 2010

Preschool- Letter Z

preschool corner
( Austin is 49 months)

Our key points for the week were, Letter Zz, #11, sight word: down, Color Yellow, Shape Triangle.

We started the week by making our Letter Craft a Zebra striped Letter Z. We used electrical tape over a Z I printed out. Then he cut it out and glued it to construction paper.

He colored his bible verse for the week. ( RRSP

He cut out his vocabulary words. Then we reviewed them. (RRSP)

He did a size sorting activity. I also mixed in under, over, beside, between, and middle into the activity. (COAH)

He made his Fall Lantern craft. ( I will be posting about this on Wednesday.)

He played a game of Zebra color matching Dominoes. He really enjoyed this game! (COAH)

I made him a car matching color activity. I got the idea from http://allthingschildren.blogspot.com/2010/09/colour-fun-5-colour-car-play-mat.html

He did our Build a Letters (Tired Need Sleep)

He did a Do A Dot Letter Z. (COAH)

He also cut out his own Bible Verse this week and did a great job! (RRSP)

Traced his Letter Z ( RRSP)

He made a fall tree.

Colored his Z is for Zebra sheet that I made to go with our lesson. If youd like this sheet you can download it here: http://www.mediafire.com/?qchgttxpaak8a25

He colored and put his Bible Verse Craft together ( RRSP)

And did his final Zz Tracing sheet (RRSP)

He painted leaves for our Falling Leaves project which we will finish this week as we ran out of time last week.

You will notice Im doing things a bit differently when it comes to linking to activities on the internet. I have inclued in each area where i got the activity in ex.. (RRSP) after what I said about the activity. If you see this then from here on out my links to those areas will be at the bottom of my posts. This is to save me time and for you as well to have it all in one spot. 

Want to use what we did this week?
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