August 15, 2010

Our School Week 8/9 - 8/13

(Austin is 47 months and Dylan is 27 months)

This week our focus was on the following: Letter F, Number 5, Color Orange and Shape Oval and Heart, Sight Word: for.

Most of our lesson this week came from here:

Austin worked on his vocabulary words

We made a fish out of the Letter F

Austin worked on his handwriting practice.

We made a heart with a cross in it to go with our bible verse this week.

We worked on Ordinal Numbers from the Members Only area of the RRSP curriculum.
(Well worth the money!)

They did a Do A Dot Letter F

Austin worked on his Getting Ready for F worksheet

Then he did his Letter F practice

We focused on our Family this week. I will post the activities and printable for my Family Unit Study Monday or Tuesday.

They played a game of Find the Family. And we also did a game of when i named something of someones around the house they had to tell me who it belonged to.

Austin did his final Letter F worksheet
(i just realized he decided to wear the same shirt 2 days in a row, this normally doesn't happen he dressed himself that day)

And he cut out his Bible Verse for the week and taped it together!

We had a great week!!

Want to see what others did this week

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  1. I love the expression on Austin's face in the Letter F fish project. He looks so deep in concentration!

  2. I cna't wait to see what ya'll did for the family unit.

  3. LOVE the printables that you made!! The faces are too cute!

  4. I love the printable. I'll be waiting for them. Thanks for sharing.

  5. He is SUCH a cutie! I love his little face concentrating so hard.

  6. I like your find the family game, cute idea!

  7. Thanks Everyone!!!

    The Family Unit Study is posted right above this post with all the printables and some other ideas on how to make it fun!


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