May 17, 2010

Homeschool Resources

Ive been asked several times where I get my resources for teaching and so i figured instead of writing everyone Id just make a post here on my blog for you all to refer to as you want. I will post more as I find more resources but for now here is a pretty long list!

My first go to site and blog that I ready daily are 1+1+1=1 Here is her blog: and her website with lots of printables and lapbooks: I like Lapbooks cause A and D get to help put them together as well as use the hands on approach of it all.

This blog is Awesome!! She puts up a letter a week and posts plenty of activities to incorporate in your week. She also posts seperate activites throughout the week! Her blog is filled with tons of GREAT info!

This is where I get my weekly Letter craft that we do. I also use it as our theme for the week. I take the boys to the library to get the book for that week that they have posted at the bottom of the page

I got our Shape Viewers from this site. The boys love to use them during our Circle Time.

This site is filled with lots of great activities as well

Each week I print our Letter of the week Search from here:

I search here also for ideas to go along with our Theme of the week:

Great Cutting Practice Worksheets:

Great file Folder games:

I absolutely LOVE this sites worksheets. A enjoys them as well.

Homeschool Creations has a great area of Printables as well:

The sight words list we are using. I am doing 1 list at a time and once he knows them we will move on to the next list. They are in order of frequency of usage in books.

If you are having a hard time finding Worksheets for Letter practice or anything to help writing this site will allow you to make your own handwriting worksheets:

We will be starting Writing Notebooks in the next few weeks, They will be more of the Drawing type but I will help put words on them for them. I got the idea from here:

A great craft finding site:

Another great Blog that I read is The Activity Mom, I love how she uses everyday household items into her teaching:

For D I use alot of ideas from Tot School so most of his schooling is hands on play:
Once we move he will start actually using Tot Trays more.

If I make a worksheet for anything I will be posting it on here so you will want to check back often for those.

I will be back in a few days with a post about how our day spans out. I will also have some lesson plan sheets then as well!!

Have a great day!

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