April 25, 2010

Our School Week! Letter B

We started our week with making a Bumblebee Letter B.

Here is A working on his Letter B Playdough Mat. He enjoyed talking about the color green as we talked about words that started with B as well.

We also discussed Feelings this week and read a book called The Feelings Book by Todd Parr. Both boys enjoyed reading the book and A enjoyed the tot book about Feelings made by Carissa!

The pics below are of A and D coloring there Bumblebee worksheet!

A worked on his mazes this week!
And i just happened to find one that has a bumblebee in it so we used it a couple times this week to talk about bugs and other b words!

D does more Tot School type of stuff, Definitely more Hands on as you will see in the pic below.
He is working on sorting. He knows hows to name colors but doesnt always get them right so we are working more and more on colors since he's showing interest in them this week!

I also set up our new Calendar/ Circle Time area this week.
The boys enjoyed that i moved it down to there level and they can sit and enjoy it now!
During Circle time this week we talked about circles. I got the shape finders HERE. I let them take it and find a couple objects throughout the house that were circle! They loved it!

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